Joe Richards are one of the UK’s oldest and best Greengrocers.  All our  fresh produce is Class 1 and all the countries of origin are all from within the EU unless marked differently. – If you have any questions about this or want clarification on the country of origin, please email us.

Product Ranges

We stock a huge range of fresh produce from around the world. This includes a huge variety of fresh Fruit and Vegetables and we strive to only source the very best.

We’re serious about British Produce too. If we can source it in Britain, we will. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but you can be assured that our shops only stock the very best produce. As there’s nothing like fresh Potatoes from Somerset or Apples from Kent.


Anything you need to know about whats in season, when products are due in or even if you want help to prepare a menu, a dinner party or even the children’s tea, our managers and all our staff will be only to happy and ready to advise you.  We are here to help you eat healthily and eat well. 

At Joe Richards shops, we are all about quality, value and a healthy future for all of us

Flowers & Plants